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"My thoughts are fathom into consellations." - Augustus 

It’s my 7th time reading this book. And yet, I still cry over and over again. This is the best book I ever read, over Harry Potter. I’m being serious guys. Since I am one of those people who would rather read emotional books than these imaginary magic things. :) But, I’m still a fan of Harry Potter ♥️

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It’s another dog day afternoon for Olivia Palermo as she takes pooch Mr Butler for a Saturday stroll in BrooklynBy
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Man’s best friend? Perhaps. But this dog is definitely a ladies man.
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I’ve got my eyes on you, you’re everything that I need.
Hello people! I know, i know. I haven’t been posting in a while now. But here’s a new photo of me! I took this photo yesterday. It’s a stolen photo, I was about to smile, but then I accidentally pressed the camera button… Then, BAM! The photo looks so candid. 
Beanie: Forever 21
Lipstick: Rimmel Kate Moss Matte 107
Top: Forever 21 
Hope you like this look guys! ♥️ xx
This photo shows my attitude. Yes, I act crazy, I say YES to everything. I do anything adventurous. I’m basically a normal girl.

Recently, I had a huge argument with my classmate; and it’s just because of a chair. Uhm. I know it’s not a big deal but, I sat to this chair on the first day of english, then after that lesson she sat there, I didn’t really care. Then, I moved back. She got angry and told the teacher to move me, the teacher ask us where’s the paper on his hands, she said left and I said right, so the paper was on the right side. The teacher then asked me, “where do you want to sit?” I said “I want to seat where I used to seat, which is here.” Then, I heard her say “That’s why I don’t like this kind of people.”. I thought for a minute, thinking she smoke and she drinks alcohol and I know for a fact that’s ILLEGAL because she’s a minor. Then, I said “I don’t like you either, since the first day I knew about you.” She said “I’m a stupid, bitch.” Thinking, she asks me questions every single time.

I didn’t even bother anymore because I didn’t want to go further. People like this, don’t show them you’re weak because they think that they won. I let myself down just because of this girl, that I know for a fact has non-sense. 

People, the message I am saying here is that, don’t let yourself down because of one thing, must I say a simple thing. Just enjoy your life, live your life the way you want it to be. Be free :)
"Brandy Melville - First Time"

GUYS!!! I went crazy over Brandy Melville when I saw it in Kings Road. I never knew there was one here, then I was walking…walking…walking then!!! I SAW THIS SHOP! I was like…. OMYGEE!!! THE SHOP I ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO! Finally… I got quite a few of things, but I will go back their real soon before summer ends ;)
Platform 9 ¾.

Before telling you the story of what happened, i’ll tell you the details of my outfit! :) Sooooo… my
Top: Forever 21 ♥
Shorts: Vanilla Breeze Clothing. ♥
Shoes: Converse. ♥
Scarf: Harry Potter Shop ♥
So! :) We attended to this “Harry Potter London walk” they call here :) It’s a really fun activity here in LDN. Especially, we saw some places where they filmed/taped the movie. I got to see the place where you buy Wizards things (owls, brooms, wands, etc), I also so the bank where HP got his money! Anyone remember that? Yes! 

If anyone of you lives here in London, I recommend it! But, it’s really a very long walk, if any of you have something wrong with your walking or you have knee problems, you wouldn’t be able to handle the VERY LONG WALK. 

We got to know many fun facts of Harry Potter and pther famous films as well, so it’s really fun. Make sure to bring snacks and water! ;) 

I GOT TO GO TO THE PLATFORM 9 ¾. It was really fun! :) We took pictures, I bought all the wands! ;) It’s located in the “Kings Cross Station”, so might as well go there guys! ;) Be adventurous, explore the world! ♥

So, if any of you are interested, this is the link where you get the tickets: Harry Potter fanatics, I seriously do recommend this! ☺

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